Krik-Krak Films

Tessie Sainrival, my grandmother on my father's side, was an exceptional storyteller. Some of my earliest memories are of sitting at my grandmother's feet when I was four years old as she spun vivid tales - a mixture of traditional Haitian folklore and her own often creepy details. In Haitian culture, when you are telling stories, there is a call and response element to the start - the storyteller says "Krik," and to show their preparedness, the listeners reply, "Krak." 

When I was in graduate school, and first considering the possibility of starting a film production collective, I reflected on the relationship between art-maker and audience, and my abiding interest in world-building through film. I strongly believe that the audience must be ready to listen, ready for the storyteller to carry them away to another world, and I love the way Haitians demonstrate this literally with our tradition of Krik-Krak. Thus, Krik-Krak Films, my first film collective, was born.


Feature-Length Documentary:  2017

A pivotal moment in the history of Oakland and the youth theatre company Gritty City Repertory.


Short Film:  2017

A day in the life of a homeless man surviving on the streets of Brooklyn.


Short Film:  2014

A coming of age tale of a Haitian boy selling drugs on the streets of Brooklyn. 


Short Film:  2015

A journey through the troubled psyche of Jean-Francois, a Haitian combat magician rescuing the soul of his ex-lover.